New Latin Wave 2018

Dedicated to celebrating the most current  and compelling voices in Latinx art, music, literature and film, New Latin Wave is a multidisciplinary platform that seeks to  open conversations about Latinx and Latin American contributions and identity in the United States by creating a space for performers, writers and artists. Our mission is to be a resource for discovery and exchange for both those within and outside the Latinx arts community in New York City and the US.
What started as a series of cultural and discursive events evolved into a festival, and then inspired a podcast, where we spotlight many of the super cool people and things happening in the Latinx cultural multiverse. Through this process we continue to develop a network of Latinx artists, creators, thinkers and cultural influencers, as well as partnerships and collaborations with institutions, media and brands that align with our mission.
Photo by Catalina Kulczar. Ideograms Design by Secret Riso Club. Creatives: Catalina Kulczar, Juan Miguel Marin, Gonzalo Guerrero, Sokio. MakeUp: Rachael Krutchkoff. Models: STEFA*, Mark DeNardo, Pedro.