Primary Interactions

Primary Interactions illustrates first experiences as an immigrant in New York, and resulting observations of social, political, an cultural polarities tied to identity and privilege. The exhibit also includes a statement written by the artist’s friend, Agustin Faundez, who generously shares his personal story related to the immigrant experience in the U.S.

Our encounters have the power to build channels of otherness or solidarity. Our identities can be shifted, reframed and destabilized in the reflection of the response to our presence. These interactions and their meanings can reveal structures of privilege, power and marginalization. For immigrants, these interactions are even more full of meaning in light of the election of an individual framing the immigrant as a dangerous other, undeserving of inclusion and respect.


Primary Interactions is on view in Clocktower Radio‘s “Cove” exhibition space, located on the third floor of Pioneer Works.

Risograph prints available.