Multidisciplinary designer from Chile based in New York. 


Moonlets is an ongoing collaboration between eunhae yoo and Gonzalo Guerrero that repurposes amulets as portals through which to connect to our homes, cultures & identities. We’re presenting a publication with the amulets as well as the physical objects.

“Among the diverse shared experiences of immigrants, the feeling of disconnection from their land, people & culture often exists simultaneously alongside an enigmatic yearning. The physical removal from our homelands – either by choice or involuntary circumstances – has broken or inexplicably altered a link to a part of the self that is irreversible. The search for meaningful connections and shared understanding serving as inspiration, this project repurposes amulets as portals and ritual objects. Portals allow us, through dreaming, to access our core identities – re-establishing and reclaiming memories of the people, the land, the environment, and the culture that have become all too distant.

by eunhae yoo and Gonzalo Guerrero

Published by Secret Riso Club
3D Illustrations by eunhae yoo